Our Limousines Are Better Than Batmobile

Another week, another Batman: Dark Knight Rises trailer – and with just three weeks to go until the acclaimed Christopher Nolan series comes to close in cinemas across the world, things are really hotting up.

And here at the Limo Hire offices, we’re getting very excited – we can’t wait, and certainly will be there on day one! Will you?

The new trailer is officially ‘Trailer 4′, and reveals yet more tantalising details about the upcoming movie, due out in cinemas on 20th July this year.

What we now about the movie is that Batman will face the villain Bane twice during the movie, with an inevitable showdown as the movie’s finale.

We also find out more details about the role of Catwoman, portreyed superbly by Anne Hathaway, who (it would appear) initially starts out as an enemy of Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego.

But will they join forces towards the end of the movie to defeat Bane? Who knows! You’ll have to wait until the 20th!

Being a multi-millionaire, Bruce Wayne is no stranger to the world of luxury cars, but even he would certainly be jealous of our amazing range of limousines on offer here at Limo Hire.

Why not prepare for this big moment in cinema history, and spice up a trip to the flicks with our cheap limo hire service? It’ll make you feel as if you’re on the red carpet at the premier yourself, as you cruise around inside the luxury leather interior of our amazing limousines.

Why not try a Lincoln limousine or hummer limo (for a larger group of friends) to see this movie’s debut on the 20th July 2012 in such style and luxury that would put the Batmobile to shame!

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